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How well do you know your fire safety signs?

Eye-catching, often illuminated, yet surprisingly easy to ignore.
Most of us encounter fire safety signs multiple times every day, existing in the background of our busy lives, but when did you last stop to consider them in detail? Could you identify their meaning at a glance?


TransPro Systems’ Fire safety in the workplace

Fire safety in the workplace is something that all employers should take seriously, not just for their own wellbeing, but because it is a requirement under UAE law. Businesses are required to assess the risks of fire emergencies occurring and ensure that steps are taken to prevent them from happening.


Firefighting throughout the ages

Firefighting has come a long way since buckets of water were passed down the line from one courageous volunteer to the next. We now have access to a wide range of technologically-advanced systems – such as TransPro Systems’ fire safety solutions for detecting, preventing, controlling the spread of fire.


Fire detector placement for maximum protection

Smoke and heat detection systems are essential for fire safety, alerting you to a potential fire and providing critical time to act. It has even been reported that fire-related fatalities are twice as likely to occur if a smoke detection and alarm system is not installed or not functioning as it should be. However, having your detection devices positioned correctly can be as important as having them in the first place.


Keep calm and pick up the correct extinguisher

At work, at home or in the car, fire extinguishers are one of the most effective manual devices for controlling or extinguishing fires. Use them correctly and you will prevent damage and save lives. But would you know which fire extinguisher to wield when things heat up?

Let’s look at the most common extinguishers you are likely to encounter.


How can I reduce my insurance premium with life safety systems?

High-quality life safety solutions bring peace of mind in knowing you will be protected in the event of an emergency, but did you know that they could also save you money on your insurance premiums?

The insurance industry will always favour technology that is likely to minimise damage to assets and therefore result in a smaller claim, so much so that they are often willing to offer significant discounts to customers who effectively safeguard their residential and commercial properties.


The future of firefighting is…robots?

TransPro Systems were delighted to see that in 2016 fire-related fatalities in UAE fell by 52%from the previous year. This shift towards a safer nation is partly due to the ever-improving fire prevention and protection systems and devices on offer. But what does the future hold for technology in this arena?

Some people are convinced that robots are the answer…


Could you identify a ‘Class A’ fire in an emergency?

The characteristics of one fire can differ enormously from another. At TransPro Systems, we understand that education plays a vital role in protecting ourselves against fire. TransPro Systems is here to help you stay informed and stay safe, which is why our experts have decided to share this guide to fire classification.

Why does it matter what type of fire it is? the type (or ‘class’) of blaze you are facing is essential for identifying the appropriate means of fighting it.


Active Fire Protection – what does it mean?

TransPro Systemsknow that the first line of defence against fire emergencies is knowledge and understanding. That’s why we created this blog – so that our team of expert engineers and technicians can share their experience with you.

If you’re in need of Fire Protection but can’t tell Deluge System or Inert Gas System, then let us walk you through all you need to know.


What’s new in Fire Detection in 2017?

At TransPro Systems, our expert team of engineers and technicians are committed to providing life safety solutions which meet the highest possible standards. From Fire Prevention and Protection to Emergency Lighting and Detection, TransPro Systems has built an unrivalled reputation for providing safe, affordable and sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Join us as we take a look at the role of Fire Detection in 2017.