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Fire detector placement for maximum protection

Smoke and heat detection systems are essential for fire safety, alerting you to a potential fire and providing critical time to act. It has even been reported that fire-related fatalities are twice as likely to occur if a smoke detection and alarm system is not installed or not functioning as it should be. However, having your detection devices positioned correctly can be as important as having them in the first place.

Here’s our expert’s top advice on fire detection device placement for protecting your property, your premises and its occupants.

Where is the best place to put fire detectors?

It’s widely understood that heat rises and, when a fire burns, so too does smoke as it seeks the easiest exit. This is why you will find most fire detection devices installed on the ceiling of a room. Whether your alarm is triggered by smoke, heat or both, the ceiling near a doorway or stairway is the best location for your fire detector.

Ensure that your smoke alarm is unobstructed, in the centre of the ceiling and be mindful of pockets or wells where smoke can build up. Avoid placing your fire detector too close to external factors – such as open windows or air conditioning units – as this will likely interfere with its ability to detect a fire.

Having an interconnected fire alarm system, is one of the best ways to improve the safety of your building. Our wireless fire alarm systems communicate with each other so if one of your alarms goes off, the others are alerted automatically. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about TransPro Systems’ fire detection and alarm systems.

Which rooms should have fire detectors?

Placing at least one fully-functioning fire detection device on every level of a building, including basement levels, is an absolute must. For residential properties, our experts recommend placing fire detectors in the hallway outside of any sleeping areas as well as one inside each sleeping area to provide maximum coverage.

Kitchens, both commercial and residential, are a top priority when it comes to fire detection and protection, but avoid placing devices too close to cooking appliances where they may be accidentally triggered while cooking. A general guideline would be to position your detector at least 3 metres (or 10 feet) away from cooking appliances.

A good question to ask when installing a fire detection system is: How far will a fire have to travel to reach a fire detector?

What’s next?

At TransPro, we know that safety is paramount. That is why we provide expert recommendations and rigorously-tested fire safety solutions. If you have any questions about which solution is best for you then get in touch with our team – it could save your life!